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You've just anchored your browser at rusted logic, the place I (Robert Flory) like to call home. Kick off your shoes, relax, look around a bit, but don't touch the stuff in the fridge or I might have to scold you.

You're currently standing in the home page (don't worry, it's clean). While it is a lovely shade of green, it's really not much to look at. Why not click some of these links and see what this site really has to offer?

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The "central hub" of the site, so to speak, and what you're currently reading.

about me iconabout me

A little information about me. Like an autobiography, in super-duper-condensed form.

my portfolio iconmy portfolio

Stuff I've created while attending Interface College. Go here if you like pretty pictures.

contact me iconcontact me

Like the site? Think something needs to be changed? Want financial advice? Drop me a line! I promise I won't bite (but my financial advice might).

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