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11-13-07 11:42 PM
rustedmagick forums - The ROM Hacking Data Repository - Kirby's Adventure (NES) |
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Posted on 07-23-05 02:44 PMQuote
I posted this since Kefka couldn't.


Kirby's Adventure Bytes

Compiled by Kefka


Data found by Kefka and Bbitmaster
Compression notes by Parasyte
Maybe a couple of bytes were found by others, so sorry if you found something but your name isn't on here

Huge thanks to Bbitmaster for teaching me a lot, particularly regarding how to use FCEUXD to find craploads of data!
Also, props to Parasyte for working so hard on the decompression of this game. His notes on the compressions are
included at the end of this little doc.

Please feel free to use any of this data as you see fit. I don't have a lot of time these days (though there will be
a couple of weeks where I will have a bit more time to work on this stuff coming up), so my oppurtunities to expand
upon this document that has remained unchanged for some time are limited. All of this data was found with either
corruption or FCEUXD, and it really isn't that difficult. I included info on finding headers for objects and levels
so that people could find the rest on their own instead of waiting around for me to have enough free time to finish
doing it myself. Thanks for your understanding. Hopefully this helps the "Kirby hacking scene" a little.


Kirby/Kirby movement Data

42B00-42B20 / Pretty safe to assume that these bytes contain the abilities for Kirby to move properly.

42B06 / Seems to deal with Kirby's transition from almost full to full floating.

Notes: Default value is F0, FF allows full floating, 00 makes Kirby spit before reaching that point.

42B07 / Deals with Kirby's full floating state.

Notes: [Push up to float]
value (effect): values with common effect {on 42B07}

00 (does not allow Kirby to use maximum float): 04, 06, 08, 0A, etc.
01 (allows Kirby to float until he hits ceiling): 03, 0B, 0D, 15, 17, etc.
02 (default for game, normal floating): FF
05 (crashes game): 07, 09, 0F, 11, 13, 19, 1B, etc.

42B08 / Deals with Kirby spitting after full floating.

Notes: default value is 38, 39 causes Kirby to not be able to spit until he hits ceiling,
FF= default effects, 00 causes bottom status screen to flash over when attempting to spit.
Spitting is not allowed with 05.

42B1B / Deals with Kirby's ability to float or climb ladders (i.e. the actions of pushing up on D-pad)

Notes: [Push up on D-pad] Changing the default value (02) to anything but FF does not allow Kirby to go up at all.

Level Data

Level Headers
Level headers are apparently 8 bytes and are right before their room's data.


1st byte= Level pointer/ID?
2nd byte= Room length
3rd byte= Room depth/height
4th byte= Level tileset
5th byte= Level palette
6th byte= Enemy tileset
7th byte= Enemy palette
8th byte= Background music


1289D / Level 1-1:1 pointer/ID? (value: 07)
1289E / Length of level 1-1:1 (04)
1289F / Depth/height of 1-1:1? (01)
128A0 / Tileset for 1-1:1? (07)
128A1 / 1-1:1 Palette (07)
128A2 / 1-1:1 Enemy tileset (9A)
128A3 / 1-1:1 Enemy palette (26)
128A4 / Music byte for 1-1:1 (00)

Music/Sound Test values
These are the music byte values; they can be applied to all level headers in the game.

00: Vegetable Valley theme (level 1-1)
01: VV theme abridged
02: Invincibility music
03: Green Greens theme/Credits theme
04: GG theme abridged
05: Post-boss star chime
06: World 7 Overworld theme
07: Victory theme
08: Victory theme abridged
09: Crane mini-game theme
0A: Crane moving
0B: Mini-game victory????
0C: Boss theme
0D: Last boss intro
0E: Last boss theme
0F: Mining theme (level 1-2)
10: Kirby's Dream Land theme(unused?)
11: Mysterious woods/Mysterious castle theme (darkened castle levels)
12: Mysterious theme abridged
13: Egg catching mini-game theme
14: Arena theme (abridged from egg catching)
15: World 6 overworld theme
16: sound effect
17: no sound?
18: bomb sound effect?
19: chime sound effect?
1A: Quick Draw mini-game intro
1B: Rainbow Resort theme (level 7-1)
1C: RR theme abridged
1D: Quick Draw lost
1E: Yogurt Yard theme (level 5-1)
1F: YY-theme abridged
20: Grape Gardens theme (level 4-1)
21: GG theme abridged
22: World 1 overworld theme
23: World 4 overworld theme
24: World 5 overworld theme
25: chirp sound effect?
26: no sound
27: lost life
28: Ice Cream Island theme (level 2-1)
29: ICI theme abridged
2A: Orange Ocean theme (level 6-1)
2B: OO theme abridged
2C: World 2 overworld theme
2D: World 3 overworld theme
2E: Egg mini-game loss
2F: mini-game victory
30: mini-game victory abridged
31: Opening intro theme
32: Butter Building theme (level 3-1)
33: BB theme abridged
34: ??? either Flying Nightmare SFX or unused
35: Title Screen theme
36: Warp Zone theme
37: Epilogue theme (cinema after beating last boss)
38: Fountain of Dreams theme (after beating King Dedede)
39: Flying Nightmare battle theme

Level Header Locations:

Note: Written in Offset / World-Level:Room format. In order of level, not rom location.

Mini-games not in level data.

World 1

0F6B0-0F6B7 / Level 1 Overworld header
1E89A-1E8A1 / Level 1 Museum header
16388-1638F / Level 1 Warp Zone header

1289D-128A4 / Level 1-1:1 header
13A5E-13A65 / Level 1-1:2 header
2192D-21934 / Level 1-1:3 header (Hidden Waterfall/UFO room)
18904-1890B / Level 1-1:4 header
10BB6-10BBD / Level 1-2:1 header
1D36E-1D375 / Level 1-2:2 header (cinematic transition room)
17911-17918 / Level 1-2:3 header
0FDE2-0FDE9 / Level 1-2:4 header
196BA-196C1 / Level 1-2:5 header
12467-1246E / Level 1-3:1 header
140A5-140AC / Level 1-3:2 header
1A150-1A157 / Level 1-3:3 header
13693-1369A / Level 1-3:4 header
1A3CE-1A3D5 / Level 1-4:1 header
1349D-134A4 / Level 1-4:2 header
18010-18017 / Level 1-4:3 header
0B728-0B72F / Level 1-4:4 header

11A290-11A297 / Wispy Woods header (World 1 boss level)

World 2

06F92-06F99 / Level 2 Overworld header
1216EB-1216F2 / Level 2 Arena header
1E4B0-1E4B7 / Level 2 Museum header
15B11-15B18 / Level 2 Warp Zone header

0C5D4-0C5DB / Level 2-1:1 header
1AB30-1Ab37 / Level 2-1:2 header (optional cave w/ pep drink)
0EA51-0EA58 / Level 2-1:3 header
1128E-11295 / Level 2-1:4 header
1E2B7-1E2BE / Level 2-2:1 header
1C11E-1C125 / Level 2-2:2 header
1DDDE-1DDE5 / Level 2-2:3 header
0A6DE-0A6E5 / Level 2-2:4 header
1C010-1C017 / Level 2-2:5 header
1AC64-1AC6B / Level 2-3:1 header
05C8B-05C92 / Level 2-3:2 header (go through twice, before and after 2-3:4)
21B8F-21B96 / Level 2-3:3 header (UFO room in cave)
1C532-1C539 / Level 2-3:4 header (swimming room outside)
11F588-11F58F / Level 2-3:5 header (Meta Knight minion battle)
1B911-1B918 / Level 2-3:6 header
0D655-0D65C / Level 2-4:1 header
18BE9-18BF0 / Level 2-4:2 header (optional 1-up room)
1A8C1-1A8C8 / Level 2-4:3 header (mini-boss room)
19414-1941B / Level 2-4:4 header
21B3C-21B43 / Level 2-4:5 header
0BA22-0BA29 / Level 2-4:6 header
1FE02-1FE09 / Level 2-4:7 header (optional pep drink room)
09CE9-09CF0 / Level 2-5:1 header
0D911-0D918 / Level 2-5:2 header
1FD77-1FD7E / Level 2-5:3 header (optional pep drink room)
0DBB3-0DBBA / Level 2-5:4 header
20D3D-20D44 / Level 2-5:5 header (hidden window room w/ fireballs)
1E74D-1E754 / Level 2-5:6 header
1A9FA-1AA01 / Level 2-5:7 header

11E0BB-11E0C2 / Paint Roller header (World 2 boss level)

World 3

0E010-0E017 / Level 3 Overworld header
12168A-121691 / Level 3 Arena header
1F6B3-1F6BA / Level 3 Museum header
16010-16017 / Level 3 Warp Zone header

18315-1831C / Level 3-1:1 header
1FAB0-1FAB7 / Level 3-1:2 header
20344-2034B / Level 3-1:3 header
1D18D-1D194 / Level 3-1:4 header (go through twice)
17F44-17F4B / Level 3-1:5 header (contains switch)
21566-2156D / Level 3-1:6 header (path to Switch Room)
1AD98-1AD9F / Level 3-2:1 header
175E1-175E8 / Level 3-2:2 header (spinning tower room)
1B123-1B12A / Level 3-2:3 header
14B1A-14B21 / Level 3-2:4 header
12186F-121876 / Level 3-2:5 header (optional Wheelie mini-boss room)
210E1-210E8 / Level 3-2:6 header
1204D3-1204DA / Level 3-2:7 header (Bugsy mini-boss room)
12010-12017 / Level 3-3:1 header
18492-18499 / Level 3-3:2 header (spinning tower room)
1B5BC-1B5C3 / Level 3-3:3 header (blue room)
1BD6A-1BD71 / Level 3-3:4 header (pink room)
20010-20017 / Level 3-3:5 header (optional 1-up room)
1E5FF-1E606 / Level 3-4:1 header
0C010-0C017 / Level 3-4:2 header (cinematic transition room)
1F15A-1F161 / Level 3-4:3 header
120CC4-120CCB / Level 3-4:4 header (Meta Knight minion battle)
2198A-21991 / Level 3-4:5 header
14CED-14CF4 / Level 3-4:6 header
2044F-20456 / Level 3-5:1 header
19568-1956F / Level 3-5:2 header (spinning tower room)
1DE94-1DE9B / Level 3-5:3 header
1EE4B-1EE52 / Level 3-5:4 header (Hammer mini-boss)
209E1-209E8 / Level 3-5:5 header
21503-2150A / Level 3-6:1 header
1D45B-1D462 / Level 3-6:2 header
1BA2A-1BA31 / Level 3-6:3 header
18A78-18A7F / Level 3-6:4 header (spinning tower room)
13E1B-13E22 / Level 3-6:5 header
1ED0D-1ED14 / Level 3-6:6 header (optional pep drink room)
21BDF-21BE6 / Level 3-6:7 header (hidden switch room)
19007-1900E / Level 3-6:8 header (dark tower room)
1BB40-1BB47 / Level 3-6:9 header

121150-121157 / Mr. Shine [moon] and Mr. Bright [sun] header (World 3 boss level)

World 4

07361-07368 / Level 4 Overworld header

0A379-0A380/ Level Finish header (for all levels)

Finding Level Headers

Yes, I will finish these at some point; however, it would probably be faster if someone else did. I seriously
have little to no time to work on this.

Therefore, I shall share exactly how you can find level headers using FCEUXD's debugger:

When you are looking for the header of a room, go to another room that is connected to it via door, warp star, etc.
Now, open up the debugger and write an Execute breakpoint at E650. Enter the room you are looking for. Now, you will
be dealing with E650, E654, and E657. There is a formula you can use that will help you find the ROM file offset very

ROM file offset = (RAM Offset - $A000) + (Bank * $2000) +$10

You will find the RAM offset that the header is written from with E654 and E650. Place the value of E654 before the value
of E650. For example, if E654 is B9, and E650 is 18, then you should have B918. The "Bank" value is going to be E657.
In this example, I will say that E657 is 09. So, with the RAM and Bank values figured out, we are all set.

The example values should be plugged into the formula like this:

ROM file offset = ($B918 - $A000) + ($09 * $2000) + $10

For any formula like this, you can always pull out your good ol' Windows Scientific Calculator and put it in Hex.

The result is ($1918) + ($12000) + $10, which comes out to $13928. That will be the FIRST BYTE of the example level
header you were looking for. So, to reiterate, the formula finds you the first byte. The 2nd-8th bytes immediately
follow this. Viola, now you should be able to find any level header in the game! If you don't think you fully understand
this yet, then try out this formula on some values that have already been found until you match the results.

Oh, and just for the record, I'm not sure where the example offset is an actual level header or not. I doubt it, because
I made the values up as I went along.


15B12 / Scroll Value?
15000-20000 / All the warp stations' data [possibly]
15B07-15B2E / warp Station 2 data
163A0-163BF / Warp Station 1 data
Note: Give or take a couple bytes on all station data. Will check later.

Level Effects

2637D / Level 2-4 spinning tower effect added?
2637E / ''?
2637F / ''?

Door Data

2524B / Level 1-1 door [default value: 12]
2524C / Pointer? Looks like it has something to do with being able to enter the level. Default value 66 seems to be the only one that can enter.
2525A / Level 1-2 door [default value: 22]
252C3 / Level 3-3 door [default value: 32]
252D7 / Level 3-4 door [default value: 42]
253C7 / Level 7-1 door [default value: 12]
253CC / Level 7-2 door [default value: 22]

Notes: most values have no lvl number above door and you cannot enter, but there are a few values to take note of:

02: nothing above door, but enter normally.
12: level 1 above door, enter normally
22: level 2 above door, enter normally
32: level 3 above door, enter normally
42: level 4 above door, enter normally
52: level 5 above door (door flashing as well), enter normally
62: level 6 above door (also flashing), enter normally
72: level 7 above door (also flashing), enter normally
82: has the museum symbol above the door, and if it's the first time during gameplay that you enter, Museum entry text appears. Same effects as entering any museum level. (found by Dan)
92: has the arena symbol above door, the arena text if you enter it, and then it takes you to the level... however, there seems to be an "audience" effect on the level during the 1st room.
A2: Not only has the Quick Draw symbol above the door, but takes you to a normal quick draw mini-game (including the text)... the computer takes a LONG time to shoot, though. After the mini-game, it takes you to the level. If you complete the level, whether you have already beat it or not, you stick a flag down, and the door is shut off (as a quick draw one would be).
B2: Egg Catch symbol above door, enter into the egg catch game, then the level. If level completed, door is shut off. (and flag marked)
C2: Crane game symbol above door, enter into crane game. After crane game, if you win lives, they are not added (yet). Go to level. If level, completed, THEN the lives are added as you come out, and the door shuts off.
D2: Warp star symbol above door, and if first time entering (any station), then it gives Warp station text. Enter normally.
E2: Has "Back" Symbol over the door, enter normally.
F2: If level unbeaten, it has the Dedede symbol over the door. After level is beaten, it turns into "Go". Enter level normally.

As a side note, I believe the flashing is because there is no level 5 or above in world 1, so that is why they flash, being marked as unbeaten.

Enemy/Object Data

Enemy/Object Data Headers
So far there have been 3 bytes found for "enemy/object headers" in levels


1st byte: Screen order data

2nd byte: x and y positions (x is the first value, y is the second value);
not pixel perfect: shifts left 4 bits and tags 8 to the end (example of "tags 8 to the end": $3 becomes $38)

3rd byte: Enemy/object types

These headers write from RAM ED-F2; reverse the bytes to get the address, then add to 18010 to get the ROM address
(e.g. if the hex editor has ED as 41 and EE as A6, it is address A641, and this added to 18010 becomes $22651)

Screen order bytes

22F9F / Screen order byte for Level 3-6 secret switch

X/Y bytes

22FA0 / 3-6 secret switch, xy location

Enemy/object type bytes

1D0BF / Type of object for 3-6 secret switch
22663 / Type of enemy for 1st Waddler in level 1-1 (default value: 04)

Enemy/Object type values

Note: some of the enemies may appear glitchy in some levels but perfectly fine in others; the glitchiness is caused by
the wrong CHR bank being swapped, but this can be fixed in the level header.

Yea, I haven't gotten around to doing the other values. Gimme a break, here! I'll get everything when I HAVE TIME.

....or someone else could get them. That would be nice too.

00: Waddle-Dee, Type A
01: Waddle-Dee, Type B
02: Waddle-Dee, Type C
03: Waddle-Dee, Type D
04: Waddle-Doo, Type A
05: Waddle-Doo, Type B
06: Waddle-Doo, Type C
07: Waddle-Doo, Type D
08: Cannon, type A (all around movement, slow fire)
0A: Cannon, type B (all around movement, faster fire)
0C: Cannon, type C (rapid fire up)
0E: Cannon, Type D (rapid fire upper left)
26: Parasol Waddle-Doo, type A
28: Parasol Waddle-Doo, type B
2A: Parasol Cannon, type A
2C: Parasol Waddle-Dee, type A
2E: Swordsman
36: 1-Up
38: Waddle-Dee, type C
39: Waddle-Dee, Type D
3A: Waddle-Dee, Type E
3B: Waddle-Dee, Type F
3C: Waddle-Dee, Type G
3D: Waddle-Dee, Type H
3E: Waddle-Dee, Type I
3F: Waddle-Dee, Type J
40: Crash Enemy
50: Bronto Brunt, type A
52: Bronto Brunt, type B
54: Bronto Brunt, type C
56: Bronto Brunt, type D
58: Bronto Brunt, type E
5A: Bronto Brunt, type F
62: Hi-Jumper, type A
64: Hi-Jumper, type B
66: Hi-Jumper, type C (flying)
68: Cutter Knight, type A (standing)
6A: Cutter Knight, type B (walking)
6C: Kabu, type A
6E: Kabu, type B (disappear/reappear)
70: Spikeball/Gordo, type A (sitting)
72: Spikeball/Gordo, type B (goes up until it hits something)
74: Spikeball/Gordo, type C (moving left)
80: Meta Knight mini-boss battle, type A (must be by itself)
82: Meta Knight mini-boss battle, type B (must be by itself)
84: Meta Knight mini-boss battle, type C (must be by itself)
86: Meta Knight mini-boss battle, type D (must be by itself)
8C: MK battle?
8E: MK battle?
96: Broom enemy
99: Mushroom enemy
BC: Poppy Bros. Sr. (glitches other objects graphically besides cannons)
BE: Fire Lion (glitches other objects graphically)
D2: Painter boss (attached with Star rod... need to edit events and such if used other than in a main boss stage)
D3: Sun and Moon boss (attached with Star rod, etc.)
D4: Tunnel machine boss (attached with Star rod, etc.)
D5: Kracko (NEEDS TO BE IN Kracko's room!)
D7: Meta Knight; THE SHOWDOWN! (star rod, etc)
D8: possibly Wispy?
D9: death... possibly something else (flying Nightmare)?
DA: Final Boss (Nightmare); if you beat him (and yes, without the Star rod), you get the normal credit sequence.
E4: Museum Swordsman
E7: Museum Hi-Jumper
E8: Museum Cutter Knight
F1: World 2 Warp Star
F2: World 3 Warp Star
F3: World 4 Warp Star
F4: World 5 Warp Star
F5: World 6 Warp Star
F6: World 7 Warp Star
F7: Special Warp Star (type in level 1-2); goes through next screen, and then proceeds to shoot onto the screen after
F8: Special Warp Star 2
F9: Bonus Cannon (Kirby can jump into this)
FA: Another bonus cannon
FB: Start of a fuse
FE: Big Switch (has to be combined with an effect on the world map)
FF: Upside down Big Switch

60133 / Spark guy front, facing left, landing [palette]
60126 / Spark guy back, facing left, landing [palette]
60118 / Spark guy front, facing left, normal pose [palette]
60114 / Spark guy back, facing left, normal pose [palette]
60106 / Spark guy front, facing left, jumping [palette]
60102 / Spark guy back, facing left, jumping [palette]
(moving left)

SprRam, 4 bytes (x,y,p,t)
' '

(moving right)

Repeat Above for Animation 2
Repeat Above for Damage?

60016 / Waddle Doo Scary
60025 / Waddle Doo walking left
61C48 / Bronto Brunt Right wing flying left.
61C49 / Palette? low 2 bits only?

Sprite Placement Data

2271E / Sprite Placement, level 1-2:1, warp star

Enemy AI

4F808 / Poppy Bros Sr. prg?
4F84C / Initial jumping distance of Poppy Bros. Sr. (mini-boss) [default value: 00]
4F92A / Poppy Bros. Sr. dying. [prg?]
5A505 / Distance that cutter knight throws [default value: 02]
5A77F / Jumping distance of mushroom enemy [default value: 00]
5A794 / Kirby sucking in mushroom enemy's hat [default value: 02]


Value of 5A794: effect
00,01,04,08: makes mushroom enemy jump toward you when you suck his hat up
02(default),03: enemy jumps away when you suck his hat.
05-07,09-0A: makes the game crash when you swallow the hat
other values for this byte to be explored later.

5A7DC / Effects of sucking/swallowing mushroom enemy [default value: 21]

Notes: Most values for 5A7DC are graphical glitches or swallow the whole enemy, but with no ability. So, only the values that do not have a glitchy effect are listed below.

Value of 5A7DC: effect (NOTE: this is for the mushroom enemy)
00: suck in whole enemy, and then instruction text (This is Kirby of Dream Land, etc.) appears on bottom. Some enemies disappear.
03: a star shoots at you when you suck the enemy, but with not effect.
05: sucks in whole enemy, and you get a 1Up
07: sucks in hat, and rest of enemy becomes a pink ice cube
09: same effect as pushing pause in middle of sucking enemy? Again, sucks enemy whole
0A: sucks enemy whole, and if swallowed, you get the Laser ability
11: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, you get the Spark ability.
14: sucks hat, and Kirby "craps out" a Max Tomato.
15: sucks hat, and now the enemy turns into a Max Tomato that jumps away from Kirby once.
16: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives the Laser ability.
17: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives the Fireball ability.
21: default; swallows hat, and normal mushroom enemy is there.
23: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Stone ability.
24: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Tornado ability.
25: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Crash ability (x1).
26: sucks whole enemy, and triggers event for Metaknight to throw Hyper Candy. Sucking also causes some graphics to glitch and for some enemy AI to not work properly. As a side note, if you get the candy and jump on a star in the same room while still hyper (most likely candidate would be level 1-2), you get the same star in the left corner that you would with the Mike or Crash ability, but with x00.
27: sucks whole enemy, and a flashing crash enemy sprite with same effect as Hyper Candy flies in the air. No graphics glitch. Jumping on a star while hyper has same effect.
28: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives UFO ability.
29: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Fire ability.
2A: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Parasol ability.
2B: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Sword ability.
2D: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Ball ability.
2F: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Hi-Jump ability.
36: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Wheel ability.
37: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Light ability.
3C: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Needle ability.
41: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Cutter ability.
5D: sucks whole enemy, and if swallowed, gives Hammer ability.
All values were toyed with on this byte. Surprisingly, the Freeze and Ice abilities were not found without a big glitch


03370 / floor tile
033AE / Start of new tsa batch. Green Block
Notes: Top left to bottom right, doesn't refresh on pause of out of view


275D0 / Some Info
714B0 / Start of Kirby baddies Info ?
71514 / Start of Fire guys info

byte 1 Ident amount ?
byte 2 Fill Text
byte 3 Text amount +1

In nes B45C, B477 (low, high, indirect Y)
in rom 7146C, 71467
27 ($1B) bytes long. To Enemy info



ED-F2 / Enemy/object on screen
05E3 / Affects Kirby's abilities when swallowing any enemy

Freeze values/effects for 50E3:

06: Every enemy swallowed = Mike ability
17: Every enemy swallowed = UFO ability

2BC5F / Flag for UFO use after level completion (default value: C9); change to A5 for all-time use
2D253 / Energy recovered by a pep drink (default value: 08)
307FD / Number of lives you start with (default value: 04)
30802 / Initial starting health of Kirby in regular game; default is 6 (default value: 2F or 4F)
43E15 / Ability to be hurt? (Default value: 8D); change to AD for infinite health

Easter Eggs

30852 / KIRBY [use unknown]; it reads as KIRBY in the hex editor when in ASCII


Parasyte's Compression Notes


Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Super Star compression format.
by Parasyte, 2004

I Have attempted to explain the compression format to the best of my
ability. This document may be confusing, even to an experienced hacker. The
compression format used is one of the most expansive I've seen. It uses seven
different kinds of compression techniques, which includes the common LZ-Copy,
RLE, and uncompressed data methods. The remaining types are simply variations
of LZ-Copy and RLE.

The decompressor begins by reading a control byte from the source.
(Source = compressed data) The upper three bits of the control byte are checked
to determine the compression type. Compression types are in the range 0 - 6.
The "8th compression type" is an expansion of the previous 7 types. It provides
the compression type with a greater length attribute than normally available.

The control byte format is as follows:

(binary) tttxxxxx
t: Compression type.
x: See below.

Lower 5 bits of control byte:
For compression types 0-6 are as follows:

(binary) lllll
l: Length attribute.

For "compression type 7" (expansion) are as follows:

(binary) tttll
t: Expanded compression type. (Actual compression type to use)
l: Upper two bits of length attribute.

For compression types 0-6, the byte(s) following the control byte is the
data used for output. Maximum length: 32.
For compression type 7 (expansion), the byte following the control byte is the
lower 8 bits of the length attribute. The byte(s) following the length is the
data used for output. Maximum length: 1024.
In both cases, (length) is incremented; making a length of zero output 1 byte.

Compression types:

0: Uncompressed copy
Copies (length) number of (data) bytes to output.
1: Run-Length Encoding (RLE)
Copies 1 byte of (data) to output (length) times.
2: 2-Byte RLE
Copies 2 bytes of (data) in sequence to output (length) times.
3: RLE++
Copies 1 byte of (data) to output (length) times, incrementing (data) after
each byte output.
4: LZ-Copy
Uses (data) as an offset into the output. Copies from offset (length) times.
5: Bit-reversing LZ-Copy
Uses (data) as an offset into the output. Copies from offset (length) times,
reversing the bits of every byte copied.
6: LZ-Reverse-Copy
Uses (data) as an offset into the output. Copies from offset (length) times,
moving backward from offset.
7: Invalid compression type
This compression type can only appear if it has been extended first. In this
case, it assumes the compression type of 4; LZ-Copy.

Control Byte: $03 (000,00011)
Compression Type: 0
Length Attribute: 4
Data: $94,$24,$51,$73
Action: $94,$24,$51,$73 written to output.

Control Byte: $24 (001,00100)
Compression Type: 1
Length Attribute: 5
Data: $65
Action: $65,$65,$65,$65,$65 written to output.

Control Byte: $42 (010,00010)
Compression Type: 2
Length Attribute: 3
Data: $81,$91
Action: $81,$91,$81,$91,$81,$91 written to output.

Control Byte: $65 (011,00101)
Compression Type: 3
Length Attribute: 6
Data: $50
Action: $50,$51,$52,$53,$54,$55 written to output.

Control Byte: $83 (100,00011)
Compression Type: 4
Length Attribute: 4
Data: $00,$05
Action: Four bytes from (beginning of output)+$0005 copied to

Control Byte: $A7 (101,10000)
Compression Type: 5
Length Attribute: 17
Data: $01,$43
Action: Seventeen bytes from (beginning of output)+$0143
copied to output and bit-reversed.

Control Byte: $C4 (110,00100)
Compression Type: 6
Length Attribute: 5
Data: $00,$10
Action: Five bytes from (beginning of output)+$0010 copied to
output, bytes read backward.

Control Byte: $E8 (111,010,00)
Compression Type: 2 (Expanded)
Length Attribute: 64
Data: $00
Action: Sixty-four bytes of '$00' written to output.

-I'll fill this in later-
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