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11-13-07 11:42 PM
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Posted on 01-19-04 04:21 PMQuote
Mario Adventure is a hack of Super Mario Bros. 3. I won't bother giving huge detail into what's been changed in this hack (it's quite long) from the original SMB3, but I'll give a very quick run down of what's juicy.

Many new animated backgrounds like waving grass, weather effects, and flowing laval.

Smoother animations for background tiles.

New Power-ups for Mario including Magic Mario and Invisible Mario.

New item inventory items including the coin mulitplier, spade and heart items.

New mushroom house games that you use your coins to play and win items!

Over 120 brand new made from scratch levels in the game.

Completely new graphics.

Hidden keys used to unlock the locks on the warp zone.

New warp zone central hub system allows you to play the game almost completely non-linearly.

Secret levels.

New enemy modifications, including faster enemies, some that can't be stomped (not even with the shoe) and new enemy generators.

New event sprites such as doors that appear when you grab a certain amount of coins.

World 7 is a new challenge world that pits you against a situation that you must complete. It may be a small level, it may be survival or it may be collecting so many coins within a time limit. Each level is very tough and requires practice and patience to pace. Over 35 levels to play here.

New day/night system that changes the palette of a level to reflect a time of day (evening, morning, noon, night). This affects dungeon levels slightly by just alternating palettes.

New weather system that includes rain and snow weather for all worlds except 5.

New item box similiar to SMW. Get 2 items in a row, the previous one goes into your box. Press select to use the item in the box.

New Kuribo's shoe item storage. Pressing Up+B at the SAME time will store/retrieve Kuribo's shoe.

Hidden cheat codes (to be released).

New world names.

New rearranged status bar.

And MANY, MANY, MANY more small changes to create a great, overall effect.

Now for the patches.

There are two versions of SMB3, PRG 1 and PRG 0. If you're not sure which you have, that's ok, just back up your rom and try each patch. Also, READ THE FUCKING MANUAL And be sure to use the included palette. Almost all emulators support the hack. Only a rare few don't (including Nintendulator).
I give two URLs since some can't visit my panicus site.

.rar files


.zip files


.rar files


.zip files


Im sure most of you have seen screenshots of the hack but for those who haven't
here's a few.

Koopa Hills

Hot Foot Caverns

Lakitu Glacier

Kuribo's Forest

Starry Slopes

Colossal Classics

Desert Dares

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