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11-13-07 11:42 PM
rustedmagick forums - The ROM Hacking Data Repository - Final Fantasy 2/4 Event data |
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Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 12-14-03 10:47 PMQuote
based on the works of Yousei, I hope to expand further upon it, it would be nice to have a large list of the events to edit, so I thought I'd give it a go. Heres what I got so far.

913E1-914F9 Mist Events
9168F-917B4 Waking up rosa with the sand Ruby
917CA-917E2 Tellah getting ready to join Cecil for the first time
917E3-91819 Cecil looks down and says "I cant stay here any longer, I have to escape from Baron with this girl" and leave
914FA-91569 "Women, Children and highly trained Callers were all lost by the unknown fire" "how do you have the nerve to come here?"
9156A-9159C Staying the night at an Inn....?
9159D-9159E Mist village weapon store (16)
915A0-915A1 (17)
915A3-915A4 (00)
915A6-915A7 (0A)
915A9-915AA (0E)
915AC-915AD (15)
915AF-9168E Cecil says "She must rest" and goes to the inn, fights guards, etc
9168F-917C9 "Rosa!" item box opens to choose an item
917CA-917E2 Tellah says "Its down here!" and you go down the waterfall
9185F-91862 Cecil says "The current is too strong for us to get in!"

Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 12-29-03 07:33 PMQuote
How did you find all of this???!!! I am sort of beginning ROM hacking and I don't know how to find the level data. Hope you can help.

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Posted on 12-30-03 12:39 AMQuote
General ROM hacking questions don't go in this forum. Please use either the ROM Hacker Central forum or e-mail the post author. Thanks.

Hey! That tickles!

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