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11-13-07 11:42 PM
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Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 06-27-03 06:38 PMQuote
I'm rather new to the ROM hacking thing so, um, bear with me here.

I'm not going to waste time telling people WHERE the text is unless I find some pointers.

But, um, text codes:
$00: end of string (wait for A button first)
$01: line break
$02: display triangle and wait for A button, line break
$03: display triangle and wait for A button, page break
$04: page break
$06: end of string
$07: choice (this is usually followed by $08, and formatted a specific way)
$09: space
$0A: space
$0B: variable length space (used to center things, next byte is the length)
$0C: delay
$0D: variable length delay (next byte is length?)
$13-19: Text replacements found at $249100 in the ROM
$1A: value to be determined
$1C: value to be determined
$22: left "
$23: right "
$3A: ~
$60-7B: ASCII
$8E: colon (:)
$9B: '
Entire ranges haven't all been tested. Values not filled in are unknown, of course.

Monsters in battle:

ROM offsets:
$3992D2: Names of monsters. These are all 13 characters long. There are a total of 208 monsters.
$390227: Stats for monsters, $10 bytes long.
$250400: Palette/graphics info for monsters, 4 bytes long
$3930AB: AI info?, 2 bytes long
All of the data here is in the same order--i.e. if a sky trooper is third on the names list, its stats and everything else will also be third. Monsters are assigned ID numbers based on their position, where the first enemy is 0.

The known values in the monsters' stats in the ROM are as follows:
$0-1: Max HP
$2: Speed? (if certain patterns hold, it should be here)
$3: Attack
$4: Defense
$5: Magic Attack
$6: Magic Defense
$C: Flags (I don't know the specifics of this but one thing it controls is whether jump attacks can damage the monster)
$F: Placement? (changing this to the value used for sky troopas causes monsters to float, it may also affect how monsters come onto the screen)

The third byte in the palette/graphics info seems to determine the palette. Changing it in increments of 2 can usually give different colors, sometimes garbles graphics may result.

The AI info seems to cause an enemy to behave like another enemy, at least emulating its moves (it seems any monster can perform any other monster's moves--the same applies to members of your party, but moves cannot be swapped between monsters and party members).

There are 8 spaces for information on enemies each $80 bytes long starting at 7E:FC00.
Known values within these:
$01: Monster's ID number (see ROM offsets)
$11-2: HP
$13-4: Max HP
$15: Speed
$16: Attack
$17: Defense
$18: Mg Attack
$19: Mg Defense
$50-1: AI info?

$7E0048: Type of enemy when loading battle
$7e004b: Level on which to do battle

Character Info:
Starting at 7FF800 are 5 character "structures." Each one is $13 bytes long.
Known values:
$00: Exp level
$01-2: HP
$03-4: Max HP
$05: Speed
$06: Attack
$07: Defense
$08: Mg Attack
$09: Mg Defense
$0A-B: Exp points
0c: Weapon (see items for these)
0d: Armor
0e: Accessory
0f: unknown
10: SP $00-08
11: SP $08-0F
12: SP $10-17
13: SP $18-1a
Names of items are found starting at $3A46F0, each name $F bytes long, in order starting at 0. Items include equipment. For weapons, you must equap a weapon, though it need not be for the correct character. For armor and accessories, any weapon, armor, or accessory may be equipped (they still have, to my knowledge, the correct effect on the character).
The "SP" values determine which special moves your character has learned (any character can use any other character's special moves, though they might switch sprites). One bit controls one special move. They go in the order Mario, Toadstool, Geno, Mallow, Bowser. How the actual numbers work out I haven't listed, but there should be a list of names of specials in the correct order somewhere in the ROM. There are a few special moves that do not belong to characters, but these will only cause glitches.

Non character-specific party info:
$7ff864-81: Equipment
$7ff882-9f: items
$7ff8a0-e: special items
$7ff8af:-b0: coins?
$7ff8b1: FP
$7ff8b2: Max FP
$7ff8b3: frog coins
$7ff8b4: frog coin7ff8b1: FP
7ff8b2: fp max
7ff8b3-4: frog coins?
Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 10-26-04 08:18 PMQuote
10-05-05: different site address + huge update of data

the collection of ROM documents can now be found here:

several documents have been added and many enormous additions, particularly to the objects doc, have been made to the current files

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