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11-13-07 11:42 PM
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Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 04-22-03 10:36 AMQuote
Modified version of my post at Acmlm's.

I found the level data for Dig Dug. It's stored at $3B9F - $3FD0. There are 3 bytes for each object. The first byte is the X coordinate the object is located inside the playfield. The second byte is the Y coordinate the object is located. The X coordinate doesn't include the leftmost row of dirt. So if the X coordinate was 02, the object is placed in the 3rd column. The third byte is the object number.

Example: 02 03 C4

...would mean that the object is object number C4, and is stored in the 2nd column and in the 4th row. C4 is the straight horizontal hole piece. I have yet to find all the object numbers, but you get the point.

It's the same for the next 3 bytes. First is the X, second is the Y, and third is the object. When the game comes across FF in between two 3-byte objects, that means to stop level 1, and start level 2.

Note that the "objects" are the holes that are pre-dug (heh, funny word), the rest of the level is created automatically. The enemies and the rocks are part of the sprite data, though, and that's different.

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