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11-13-07 11:42 PM
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Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 02-22-03 04:19 AMQuote
Character Data... sorry this doesn't say more, I'm pasting all these from my own personal notes. But this one shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I'm pretty sure another fellow had already figured out quite a bit more about FF3j anyway.

88-00-05-05-05-05-05-00 OnionKid
79-00-0A-0A-05-02-03-00 Fighter
77-00-0A-0A-07-01-02-00 Monk
99-00-05-06-04-05-0A-01 White Wizard
97-00-05-07-03-0A-05-01 Black Wizard
8A-00-06-07-05-06-06-02 Red Wizard
7B-09-05-14-05-05-05-03 Archer
8C-09-0A-0A-0A-03-07-00 Knight
75-09-0A-0F-09-05-01-00 Thief
AA-09-0A-0A-01-0F-04-00 Scholar
A4-0E-0A-0A-0A-14-05-00 Geomancer
5B-0E-14-0A-0A-05-0A-00 Dragoon
55-0E-0F-0A-14-05-05-00 Viking
28-0E-17-0A-14-01-01-00 Master
82-0E-14-14-0A-02-03-03 Paladin
D8-0E-0A-0A-05-0F-0F-04 Conjurer
BB-0E-05-0F-0F-0A-0A-00 Bard
C4-1D-0A-0F-0A-1E-05-05 Warlock
CC-1D-0F-0A-0F-05-19-06 Shaman
F0-1D-14-0F-05-0F-0F-07 Summoner
FF-27-0F-14-0F-19-19-08 Ninja
00-27-19-19-14-0F-0F-09 Sage
Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 10-24-03 09:51 AMQuote
Map Data.

Overworld Maps:

There are 4 overworld maps in FF3:
- The floating island thing (where you start)
- The overworld flooded with water
- The normal overworld map
- Underneath the water

Each overworld map is 256x256 tiles in size. Like FF1 maps, each row has a pointer, making 256 pointers per map (2 bytes per pointer, 4 maps, totals $800 bytes in pointers). The pointers start at $D010 and extend to $D80F. You add $D000 to the pointer to get the ROM address that it points to:

"00 08" points to $D810 (after byte swapping, adding $10 for header and all that)

The compressed data is at that point. It follows the exact same format as FF1 EXCEPT that $FF is not a reserved value (the game internally figures out that the map is done when enough tiles are decompressed... making a terminal byte not needed).

The space designated for overworld maps extends to $1340F.

Other maps (I call them standard maps):

I don't know exactly how many standard maps there are. All I know is it's under 256. Like FF1, there's one pointer for each map. These pointers start at $22010, 2 bytes per pointer. You add $22000 to the pointer to find the ROM address it points to:

"4B 11" points to $2315B

Compressed data follows at that point (same compression as FF1)

Each map is 32x32 tiles in size.
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