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11-13-07 11:42áPM
rustedmagick forums - The ROM Hacking Data Repository - Dragon Warrior 1 (NES) |
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Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 11-24-02 05:28 PMQuote
All data is from the Game Hackers Database

Data submitted by Jay McGavren

The town map data. Each byte can be a value from 00-FF, with each byte representing 2 tiles. Each hex character in the byte represents one tile (i.e. 00 is a pair of grass tiles, 01 is a grass tile and a sand tile). The throne room (where you start) is from 412-443. C1-1324

The graphic layout data for the overworld fight background. 1C9F-1D62

The title screen data. 3F30-3FB8

The game program? 4000-????

The ending text. 549F-58D9

The menu text. 6FC7-752B

The item, enemy, and spell menu text. 7AC0-7EAD

The dialogue text. 8039-BCBA
Sliver X
Bag of Stinky Weeds
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Posted on 03-07-03 06:40 PMQuote
Dragon Warrior Bytes 1.0
by Sliver X

# Table of Contents #

I: Credits
II: Text
III: Character Graphics
IV: Background Graphics
V: Enemy Graphics
VI: Music
VII: Status Screen Hacking
VIII: Ending Credits Hacking
IX: Tile Table, Palettes, and Level Music
X: Dragon Warrior Level Format
XI: Moving People on Maps
XII: Misc. Level Data
XIII: Shop Prices
XIV: Equipment Stats
XV: Magic Data

I: Credits
Various sources of data culled from the internet are included in this
as well as the data I've found myself. Thanks go to:


II: Text
Dragon Warrior doesn't use pointers in the text itself, so you can resize the blocks
of text to a fair degree (Although if you go too far, it will mess things up. How the
game determines that you've gone beyond the boundery is something I don't understand).
All you'd have to do is insert your longer line, and put the control code FC at the end of it
(This will, of course, shorten the following line).
Here's a breakdown of some of the control codes:

FB=Line Break
FC=End of line
FD=Line Break + Pause for Input

Other codes:

F8=Player's Name
F1=Monster, as in "A <$F1> draws near!
F4=Monster's Name while you're fighting it
F5=Numerical Data: i.e., Damage amount, Stat increases at level up, etc.
F6=Name of spell that has been cast

III: Character Graphics
You can redefine what tiles people are composed of, as well as changing colors
for the individual tiles. It's set up like this:

Byte 1: Byte 2:
Tile Value Tile Palette

For example, the Hero's tile definitions are like this:
Address in ROM: 15C4

3400 3500 3600 3700

Each group of two is the data for each of the four tiles that compose the Hero,
unarmed, as he faces forward.

Byte 1: 00-FF
This is the tile definition, so changing this can replace the tile with any other in
the sprite pattern table. The layout for the characters' data is like this:


(Imagine this is the Hero, facing forward)

So the tile that makes up the left side of his head is 1, the right 2, etc.
The data will always be found in this order.

Byte 2: 00-03 OR 40-43
This is the palette definition, and the values 00-03 correspond to palettes 1-4.
However, some tiles use the values 40-43, which work the same as above.

IV: Background Graphics

Editing the background graphics is similar to editing character sprites.
5 bytes are used to determine a tile's properties. It works
like this:

Byte 1: Byte 2: Byte 3: Byte 4: Byte 5:
<------Tile definitions--------> Palette definition

Here's an example of how it works for the Stone Wall tile:
Adress in ROM: F615


Bytes 1-4: 00-FF
These bytes tell the game what tiles to draw the Stone Wall
with. Like the character definitions, you can remap these
to any other tile in the BG Pattern Table.

Byte 5: 00-03
Unlike character graphics, you can only define the palette
for the entire group of four tiles, instead of individual
ones. 00-03 correspond to palette 1-4, respectively.

V: Enemy Graphics

You can manipulate the graphics for the enemies to a decent degree. Each tile that
composes the enemies' image has its data stored in three bytes, like this:

Byte 1: Byte 2: Byte 3:
Tile Value Y Position/Flip X Position/Palette

For example, the Slimes' tile definitions are like this:
Address in ROM: 5B21

532B60 543360 536B7C 54737C

Each group of three is the data for each of the four tiles that compose a Slime.

Byte 1: 00-FF
See how 53 and 54 are used twice? The slimes are really made of two tiles that are mirrored,
If you edit either of these tiles, it'll change the tile across from it. It you want to avoid
this, you can substitute the hex value of another tile you're not using and you'll have 4
unique tiles for the Slimes (I did this by removing all the "overlay" graphics from the
enemies, like the Axe Knight's Axe, Skeleton Swords, etc, which gave me a nice amount of
free tiles to use).

Byte 2 00-FF:
This value determines the Y Position and can flip tiles.
Here's how it works:

00-3F: Standard Y positioning.
40-7F: Y position + Flipped X
80-BF: Y position + Flipped Y
C0-FF: Y position + Flipped X & Y

Byte 3: 00-FF
This value determines X position and the palette the tile uses.
The palettes is determined in one byte increments, and the position
is incremented every 5th byte.
Here's an example of how it works:

00: +0 X, palette 1
01: +0 X, palette 2
02: +0 X, palette 3
03: +0 X, palette 4
04: +1 X, palette 1
05: +1 X, palette 2
06: +1 X, palette 3
07: +1 X, palette 4
08: +2 X, palette 1


VI: Music

The data for each song is in seperate strings for each channel for a few songs, and combined in
the others (i.e., a single line of hex that generates sound in multiple channels at once.).
Typically, in songs with seperate channel data the order you'll find the data in is Square 1,
Square 2, and Triangle.
No Noise (For music, anyway) or PCM channel data is in the game.

Music Related Hex

01-7F are rests. The lower the value, the shorter the duration of the rest.

80-BF are notes, (80 is the note "C"). Higher values are higher notes.

FB followed by a value is a control byte that determines
the tone of the notes following it. You can use it as many times in a channel
(Assuming you have room) as you want, right before the note(s) you want to sound different.
Try messing around with this to get different sounds.

F7 followed by a hex value determines the tempo of the channel. The lower the following byte,
the faster the tempo.

followed by two hex values is some kind of pointer telling the song to jump
to another section of code. My general lack of knowledge dealing with
pointers didn't let me use this to the fullest ability they can be used for.

Once the song the plays through and hits 00, the music in the channel the byte is inserted will
be completely halted until a new song is loaded by the game.


Starts at "C"

80-8C, 8C-98, 98-A4, A4-B0, B0-BC

This gives you a little over 5 octaves of notes; very close to the range of a 24 fret guitar.

Some Music Locations in the Dragon Quest NSF:
(Note that these are rough locations. Some
I wrote down are where the notes start, others
are where the control codes right before the
notes start.)

Ending Song:
OFFSET 85: Square 1

OFFSET 01D5: Square 2

OFFSET 0351: Triangle (Also contains control codes on how long the certain credit
screens should stay on screen. I basically fumbled through hacking this data.

Using the Rainbow Drop Song:
OFFSET 13ED: Square 1 & 2 (Combined)

Death Song:
OFFSET 1434: Square 1 & 2 (Combined)

Sleeping at the Inn Song:
OFFSET 0DD5: Square 1

OFFSET 0DF5: Square 2

Silver Harp Song:
OFFSET 1349: Square 1 & 2 (Combined)

Happy Princess Song:
OFFSET 0D61: Square 1

OFFSET 0D87: Square 2

OFFSET 0DBA: Triangle

VII: Status Screen Hacking
I found this information when I added the character portrait in DXO.

At the end of each line of text (Such at NAME:, there are two bytes that
control the formatting of the following string. After NAME:, the bytes are

80=Line break, next line begins at left most side of Status Screen.
86=Space to the right 6 tiles.

If you change 86 to 85, it'll remove the blank line between NAME: and STRENGTH:,
and move STRENGTH one tile to the left (Because it's pulling the next string one tile
to the left, which makes it go into the blank line above it).
However, you'll notice that there will be a string of gibberish at the bottom.
This is because there HAS to be 20 lines (including blank lines) in the Status Screen.
And since you've removed one of them, it's showing the data that follows SHIELD.
So to compensate for this, you'd have to add another line break somewhere. Also
note that it won't display any tiles in the BG Pattern Table after 6F, I think.

Here are some of the other bytes in this section of data:

88=Line Break, add horizontal line
B1=Player's Name
D8=Strength Value
D9=Agility Value
DA=Attack Power
DB=Defense Power
DC=Maximun Hit Points
DD=Maximum Magic Points
B8=Current Weapon
B9=Current Armor
BA=Current Shield

VIII: Ending Credits Hacking
This is how the string formatting for each screen that displays on the ending credits works.

FC followed by two bytes controls the format of the following string of text.



This will display the following line at the topmost line, at the leftmost position.
The way it increments is shown here:

FC2120 (Display at leftmost position, first line down.)

FC4120 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, third line down.)

FC6120 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, fifth line down.)

FC8120 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, seventh line down.)

FCA120 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, ninth line down.)

FCE120 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, eleventh line down.)

FC2121 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, thirteenth line down.)

FC4121 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, fifthteenth line down.)

FC6121 (Line break, insert blank line, display at leftmost position, seventeenth line down.)


Notice how the last byte changes on the third to last string? It can go all the way to 23 as the
last byte, at which you'll hit the bottom of the screen.

Also, if you want the game to switch to a new screen of text, you'd do the same thing as above,
but instead of using FC to control the format, use FD to tell it to go to the next screen of
text. The actual time the screens will stay for is determined by the Ending Song's
Triangle Wave data. I BARELY understand how that works, hence why I won't write about it.

IX: Tile Table, Palettes, and Level Music
Tile Table

With this info, you can have global tile changes.

00-Grass 10-Stone Block
01-Sand 11-Locked Door
02-Mound 12-Craggy Mnts
03-Stairs Up 13-Wepn Shop
04-Floor 14-Inn
05-Stairs Dn 15-Roof
06-Swamp 16-Black Tile
07-Town 17-Princess
08-Cave 18-26horeline
09-Castle 27-FF:Junk
0D-Barrier Bit 1
0E-Desk |
0F-Water |
Shoreline: (18+) -
\ |^ .| /
Bit 2 --->| |<--- Bit 3
/ |. ^| \
Bit 4

Tilesets: (Default data and hex addresses)

Town Tileset: (1A10-1A1F)
00 (for reference
01 use the above
0F chart)

Cave Tileset: (1A20-1A27)

Overworld Tileset: (19F3-1A0F)

0F (shoreline water begins here...)
Default Pallete Data and Hex addresses:

Overworld (1A56) = 30 10 11, 10 00 29, 29 1A 27, 29 37 11
Normal (1A66) = 30 10 11, 10 00 16, 29 1A 27, 29 37 11
Dungeon (1A76) = 30 0E 0E, 10 00 16, 0E 0E 0E, 0E 0E 0E

Music Bytes (31BF for overworld, add 1 for each page)
00=no music
01=Title Music
02=Throne Room
06=Cave 1
07=Cave 2
08=Cave 3
09=Cave 4
0A=Cave 5
0B=Cave 6
0C=Cave 7
0D=Cave 8
11=Silver Harp
12=Fairy Flute
13=Rainbow Drop Music
18=Battle music w/o intro
19=Win Battle
1A=Level up
(Begin Sound Effects)
1B=Wings of Wyvern
1C=Triangle Wave
1D=Yes/No prompt
1E=You fight
1F=Enemy fights
20-XX=More sounds...

XI: Dragon Warrior Level Format
All the town data is stored as 4 bit format,
each half-byte (nibble) is one tile.
For example: FF FF FF
F6 FF 6F results in:

■■■■■■ (FFFFFF
■░■■░■ F6FF6F)

For actual bytes used in tileset, see charts at top.

Number| Tile
0 | Grass
1 | Desert
2 | Water
3 | Treasure Chest
4 | Solid Stone
5 | Stairs up
6 | Red brick floor
7 | Stairs down
8 | Forest
9 | Poisonous Swamp
A | Barrier
B | Locked Door
C | Weapon shop symbol
D | Inn Sign
E | Bridge
F | Desk

All town maps come in the following sizes:
(Cave maps can come in odder sizes.)
For the 'Shrines', the last bit is igonred. Only tiles 0-7 are used.
The last bit is used for roofing on previous maps.

The dungeons also use only tiles 0-7, but also use a different tileset.
(last bit is still used for roofing)

Number| Tile
0 | Stone wall
1 | Stairs up
2 | Red floor
3 | Stairs down
4 | Treasure Chest
5 | Locked door
6 | Princess Gwaelin
7 | Black wall

Overworld format: (RLE)

The first half byte determines which terrain is drawn, the second how many.
02 12 02 01 14 01 00 16 00 13 20 13 00 16 00 01 14 01 02 12 02

This produces this:


Number| Tile
0 | Grass
1 | Desert
2 | Hills
3 | Mountains
4 | Auto coastline water
5 | Stone wall
6 | Forest
7 | Poisonous Marsh
8 | Town tile
9 | Cave Tile
A | Castle
B | Bridge
C | Stairs Down
D | Non connectable water
E | North coastline
F | West coastline

XI: Moving People on Maps
The easiest way to find people (I'm not going to list all the offsets here) is to use the
utility Townedit: Find the blue square of the person you want to manipulate, count how many
tiles down and across they are, then note the character type and initial facing position.
Using the following information, you can track them down quite easily.

The data for each character on a map is stored in three bytes.

Example 1:

Offset: 17B6-17B8
Data: 83 43 6E

Byte 1: (Character Type/X Coordinate)
~ Character types have a range of 31 bytes: Adding 1 to to the value
moves the person 1 tile to the right on the map. ~

00-1F = Townsman
20-3F = Knight
40-5F = Guard
60-7F = Merchant
80-9F = King/Dragonlord in Charlock???
A0-BF = Old Man
C0-DF = Princess/Townswoman (In some maps)
E0-FF = Guard at Attention (From Ending Sequence)

Byte 2: (Initial Facing Direction/Y Coordinate)

~ Facing Directions have a range of 31 bytes: Adding 1 to to the value
moves the person down by one. 80-FF seem to be redundant. ~

00-1F = Facing Upwards
20-3F = Facing Right
40-5F = Facing Downward
60-7F = Facing Left
80-9F = Facing Upwards
A0-BF = Facing Right
C0-DF = Facing Downwards
E0-FF = Facing Left

Byte 3: (Dialouge Block)

~ Obviously, determines what the person says. ~

00 = Weapon Shop
01 = Weapon Shop
02 = Weapon Shop
03 = Weapon Shop
04 = Weapon Shop
05 = Weapon Shop
06 = Weapon Shop
07 = Tool Shop
08 = Tool Shop
09 = Tool Shop
0A = Tool Shop
0B = Tool Shop
0C = Key Shop (98G)
0D = Key Shop (53G)
0E = Key Shop (85G)
0F = Fairy Water (38G)
10 = Fairy Water (38G)
11 = Inn (20G)
12 = Inn (6G)
13 = Inn (25G)
14 = Inn (100G)
15 = Inn (55G)
16 = "I am looking for the castle cellar. I heard it is not easily found."
17 = "Thou must have a key to open a door."
18 = "To become strong enough to face future trials thou must first battle many foes."
19 = "King Lorik will record thy deeds in his Imperial Scroll so thou may return to thy quest later."
1A = "When the sun and rain meet, a Rainbow Bridge shall appear. It's a legend"
1B = "Never does a brave person steal."
1C = "There was a time when Brecconary was a paradise. Then the Dragonlord's minions came."
1D = "Let us wish the warrior well! May the light be thy strength."
1E = "If thy Hit Points are high enough, by all means, enter."
1F = "We are merchants who have traveled much in this land. Many of our colleagues have been killed by servants of the Dragonlord."
20 = "Rumor has it that entire towns have been destroyed by the Dragonlord's servants."
21 = "Welcome to Tantegel Castle."
22 = "In Garinham, look for the grave of Garin. Thou must push on a wall of darkness there."
23 = "A word of advice. Save thy money for more expensive armor."
24 = "Listen to what people say. It can be of great help."
25 = "Beware the bridges! Danger grows when thou crosses."
26 = "There is a town where magic keys can be purchased."
27 = "Some say that Garin's grave is home to a Silver Harp."
28 = "Enter where thou can."
29 = "Welcome! Enter the shop and speak to its keeper across the desk."
2A = "Thou art most welcome in Brecconary."
2B = "Watch thy Hit Points when in the Poisonous Marsh."
2C = "Go north to the seashore, then follow the coastline west until thou hath reached Garinham."
2D = "No,I am no Princess Gwaelin."
2E = "Please,save us from the minions of the Dragonlord."
2F = "See King Lorik when thy experience levels are raised."
30 = "Art thou the descendant of Erdrick? Hast thou any proof?"
31 = "Within sight of Tantegel Castle to the south is Charlock, The fortress of the Dragonlord."
32 = "This bath cures rheumatism."
33 = "East of Hauksness there is a town, 'tis said, where one may purchase weapons of extraordinary quality."
34 = "Rimuldar is the place to buy keys."
35 = "Has thou seen Nester? I think he may need help."
36 = "Dreadful is the South Island. Great strength and skill and wit only will bring thee back from that place."
37 = "Golem is afraid of the music of the flute, so 'tis said."
38 = "This is the village of Kol."
39 = "In legends it is said that fairies know how to put Golem to sleep."
3A = "The harp attracts enemies. Stay away from the grave in Garinham."
3B = "I'm too busy. Ask the other guard."
3C = "I suggest making a map if thy path leads into darkness."
3D = "Once there was a town called Hauksness far to the south,but I do not know if it still exists."
3E = "I hate people! Go! Leave me!"
3F = "They say that Erdrick's armor was hidden long ago."
40 = "Many believe that Princess Gwaelin is hidden away in a cave."
41 = "I have heard of one named Nester. Dost thou know such a one?"
42 = "Garin, a wandering minstrel of legendary fame, is said to have built this town."
43 = "Welcome to Garinham. May thy stay be a peaceful one."
44 = "It is said that the Princess was kidnapped and taken eastward."
45 = "Come buy my radishes! They are fresh and cheap. Buy thy radishes today!"
46 = "To learn how proof may be obtained that thy ancestor was the great Erdrick, see a man in this very town."
47 = "'Tis said that Erdrick's sword could cleave steel."
48 = "Welcome to Cantlin, the castle town."
49 = "What shall I get for thy dinner?"
4A = "I know nothing."
4B = "I'm Nester. Hey, where am I? No, don't tell me!"
4C = "Grandfather used to say that his friend, Wynn, had buried something of great value at the foot of a tree behind his shop."
4D = "It is said that many have held Erdrick's armor. The last to have it was a fellow named Wynn."
4E = "My Grandfather Wynn once had a shop on the east side of Hauksness."
4F = "Welcome!"
50 = "Who art thou? Leave at once or I will call my friends."
51 = "I am Orwick, and I am waiting for my girl friend."
52 = "The scales of the Dragonlord are as hard as steel."
53 = "Over the western part of this island Erdrick created a rainbow. 'Tis also said that he entered the darkness from a hidden entrance in the room of the Dragonlord."
54 = "Thou shalt find the Stones of Sunlight in Tantegel Castle, if thou has not found them yet."
55 = "Welcome to the town of Rimuldar."
56 = "No, I have no tomatoes. I have no tomatoes today."
57 = "You are |Player's Name|? It has been long since last we met."
58 = "Good day,I am Howard. Four steps south of the bath in Kol thou shalt find a magic item."
59 = "Before long the enemy will arrive."
5A = "Heed my warning! Travel not to the south for there the monsters are fierce and terrible."
5B = "In this world is there any sword that can pierce the scales of the Dragonlord?"
5C = "Orwick is late again. I'm starving."
5D = "Many have been the warrior who have perished on this quest. But for thee I wish success, |Player's Name|."
5E = "Has thou found the flute?" |Yes/No|
5F = "Hast thou been to the southern island?" |Yes/No|
60 = "'Tis said that the Dragonlord hat claws that can cleave iron and fiery breath that can melt stone. Dost thou still wish to go on?" |Yes/No|
61 = "This is a magic place. Hast thou found a magic temple?" |Yes/No|
62 = "Where oh where can I find Princess Gwaelin?"
63 = "Where oh where can I find Princess Gwaelin?"
64 = "Tell King Lorik that the search for his daughter hat failed. I am almost gone...."
65 = "Dost thou know about Princess Gwaelin?" |Yes/No|
66 = "I have been waiting long for one such as thee. Take the Treasure Chest."
67 = "If thou art cursed, come again."
68 = "Though thou art as brave as thy ancestor, |Player's Name|, thou cannot defeat the great Dragonlord with such weapons. Thou shouldst come here again."
69 = "All true warrior wear a ring."
6A = "|Player's Name|'s coming was foretold by legend. May the light shine upon this brave warrior." |Regenerates MP|
6B = "Let us wish the warrior well! May the light be thy strength! Thou may go and search. From Tantegel Castle travel |?| leagues to the |?| and |?| to the |?|."
6C = "Thy bravery must be proven. Thus, I propose a test. There is a Silver Harp that beckons to the creatures of the Dragonlord. Bring this to me and I will reward thee with the Staff of Rain."
6D = "In thy task thou has failed. Alas, I fear thou art not the one Erdrick predicted would save us. Go now!" |Kicks you outside of map if Rainbow Drop pieces/Token aren't possessed|
6E = "I am greatly pleased that thou hast returned, |Player's Name|.... |This is King Lorik's game save speech, so making anyone use this turns them into a save point!|
6F = "Dost thou love me, |Player's Name|?" |Yes/No|
70 = "Welcome, |Player's Name|. I am the Dragonlord--King of Kings."....
71 = "If thou art planning to take a rest, first see King Lorik."
72 = "When entering the cave, take with thee a torch."
73-FF = Useless(?)

The town map data. Each byte can be a value from 00-FF, with each byte representing 2 tiles. Each hex character in the byte represents one tile (i.e. 00 is a pair of grass tiles, 01 is a grass tile and a sand tile). The throne room (where you start) is from 412-443. C1-1324
The graphic layout data for the overworld fight background. 1C9F-1D62
The title screen data. 3F30-3FB8
The game program? 4000-????
The ending text. 549F-58D9
The menu text. 6FC7-752B
The item, enemy, and spell menu text. 7AC0-7EAD
The dialogue text. 8039-BCBA

XII: Misc. Level Data
DW1 uses the standard SetoffX 8000 pointer format.
After the pointer, comes the width and height, so map resizing and moving can take place.

XIII: Shop Prices
Weapons Price:
Bamboo Pole = $1957 - $1958 (0A 00)
Club = $1959 - $195A (3C 00)
Copper Sword = $195B - $195C (B4 00)
Hand Axe = $195D - $195E (30 02)
Broad Sword = $195F - $1960 (DC 05)
Flame Sword = $1961 - $1962 (48 26)
Erdrick's Sword = $1963 - $1964 (02 00)


Armors Price:
Clothes = $1965 - $1966 (14 00)
Leather Armor = $1967 - $1968 (46 00)
Chain Mail = $1969 - $196A (2C 01)
Half-Plate = $196B - $196C (E8 03)
Full Plate = $196D - $196E (B8 0B)
Magic Armor = $196F - $1970 (14 1E)
Erdrick's Armor = $1971 - $1972 (02 00)


Shield Price:

Small Shield = $1973 - $1974 (5A 00)
Large Shield = $1975 - $1976 (20 03)
Silver Shield = $1977 - $1978 (D0 39)


Items Price:
Herbs = $1979 - $197A (18 00)
Key = $197B - $197C (35 00)
Torch = $197D - $197E (08 00)
Fairy Water = $197F - $1980 (26 00)
Wings = $1981 - $1982 (46 00)
Scale = $1983 - $1984 (14 00)


$1985 - $1998 = ?


Cantlin = $1999 (62)
Rimuldar = $199A (35)
Tantegel = $199B (55)


Kol = $199C (14)
Brecconary = $199D (06)
Garinham = $199E (19)
Cantlin = $199F (64)
Rimuldar = $19A0 (37)


Kol Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19A1 (02)
Item 2 - $19A2 (03)
Item 3 - $19A3 (0A)
Item 4 - $19A4 (0B)
Item 5 - $19A5 (0E)

Brecconary Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19A7 (00)
Item 2 - $19A8 (01)
Item 3 - $19A9 (02)
Item 4 - $19AA (07)
Item 5 - $19AB (08)
Item 6 - $19AC (0E)

Garinham Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19AE (01)
Item 2 - $19AF (02)
Item 3 - $19B0 (03)
Item 4 - $19B1 (08)
Item 5 - $19B2 (09)
Item 6 - $19B3 (0A)
Item 7 - $19B4 (0F)

Cantlin Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19B6 (00)
Item 2 - $19B7 (01)
Item 3 - $19B8 (02)
Item 4 - $19B9 (08)
Item 5 - $19BA (09)
Item 6 - $19BB (0F)

Cantlin Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19BD (03)
Item 2 - $19BE (04)
Item 3 - $19BF (0B)
Item 4 - $19C0 (0C)

Cantlin Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19C2 (05)
Item 2 - $19C3 (10)

Rimuldar Weapon Shop:
Item 1 - $19C5 (02)
Item 2 - $19C6 (03)
Item 3 - $19C7 (04)
Item 4 - $19C8 (0A)
Item 5 - $19C9 (0B)
Item 6 - $19CA (0C)

Kol Tool Shop:
Item 1 - $19CC (11)
Item 2 - $19CD (13)
Item 3 - $19CE (16)
Item 4 - $19CF (15)

Brecconary Tool Shop:
Item 1 - $19D1 (11)
Item 2 - $19D2 (13)
Item 3 - $19D3 (16)

Garinham Tool shop:
Item 1 - $19D5 (11)
Item 2 - $19D6 (13)
Item 3 - $19D7 (16)

Cantlin Tool Shop:
Item 1 - $19D9 (11)
Item 2 - $19DA (13)

Cantlin Tool Shop:
Item 1 - $19DC (16)
Item 2 - $19DD (15)

00 - Bamboo Pole
01 - Club
02 - Copper Sword
03 - Hand Axe
04 - Broad Sword
05 - Flame Sword
06 - Erdrick's Sword
07 - Clothes
08 - Leather Armor
09 - Chain Mail
0A - Half Plate
0B - Full Plate
0C - Magic Armor
0D - Erdrick's Armor
0E - Small Shield
0F - Large Shield
10 - Silver Shield
11 - Herb
12 - Herb
13 - Torch
14 - Torch
15 - Wings
16 - Dragon's Scale
17 - Dragon's Scale
18 - Dragon's Scale

XIV: Equipment Stats
Weapon Power:
Bamboo Pole - $19E0 (02)
Club - $19E1 (04)
Copper Sword - $19E2 (0A)
Hand Axe - $19E3 (0F)
Broad Sword - $19E4 (14)
Flame Sword - $19E5 (1C)
Sword - $19E6 (28)

Armor Power:
Clothes - $19E8 (02)
Leather Armor - $19E9 (04)
Chain Mail - $19EA (0A)
Half-Plate - $19EB (10)
Full Plate - $19EC (18)
Magic Armor - $19ED (18)
Armor - $19EE (1C)

Shield Power:
Small Shield = $19F0 (04)
Large Shield = $19F1 (0A)
Silver Shield = $19F2 (14)


XV: Magic Data
Magic MP:
Heal - $1D63 (04)
Hurt - $1D64 (02)
Sleep - $1D65 (02)
Radiant - $1D66 (03)
Stopspell - $1D67 (02)
Outside - $1D68 (06)
Return - $1D69 (08)
Repel - $1D6A (02)
Healmore - $1D6B (0A)
Hurtmore - $1D6C (05)

Misc. Magic Data:
starting at $60CD in the ROM
04 04 0F 00 00 00 for Level 1
strength, agility, HP, MP, spells
05 04 16 00 00 00 for Level 2
07 06 18 05 00 01 for Level 3
07 08 1F 10 00 03 for Level 4
and another
the table ends at $6180
03 FF for all 10 spells

-03 10:17 PM)

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