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11-13-07 11:42 PM
rustedmagick forums - The COM Port - A little part of me just died
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Watchmen is indeed really good. Just be prepared for a somewhat odd juxtaposition of art that looks like it was drawn during the Seventies or early Eighties with tons of "mature content."

The text pieces really add a lot to the story if you take the time to study them.

Anyway, yeah... I've known about Allred's Book of Mormon adaptations for about a year now. I horribly offended a couple of people on another board for expressing similar sentiments.

It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that the guy who created Madman and Red Rocket 7 is as serious as he is about those Golden Plates comics. He seems way too smart and self-aware to buy into the whole Joseph Smith thing.

I haven't bought comics for so long that I wasn't totally aware of where The Comic Shop moved to until just recently, and I still haven't been inside to look around their latest location.

If I was buying comics, I have a lot of reasons why I would be boycotting both Marvel and DC. But since I'm not, it's like I have a phantom limb where my weekly stash used to be. And I still know more than I want to about all of DC's lame crossover events such as that year-long series "52."
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I saw a copy of The Watchmen, and almost grabbed it out of desperation. Also, I have never read it and am very curious. I hear it's good.

Who makes DMZ? I'm sure I could look it up, but I'm lazy.
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Comic books! My buddy has been helping find some stuff to get into since I've been out of the loop for so long. DMZ seems interesting so far, though I missed #'s 2 and 3, which I can't seem to find anywhere.

I also just bought the Watchmen trade paperback. Yay for comics.
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I went to a local comic shop today to try and find Butternut Squash #1 and saw the worst thing that I couldv'e possibly seen.

It seems Mike Allred, of Madman and Red Rocket 7 fame, has decided to make a series of graphic novels about the Book of Mormon.

I have no problem with Mormons, heck* one of my best friends is one, I guess I just found it odd that Mike freakin' Allred would put effort into something like this. Religious comics are supposed to be done by, like, the letterer for Tales From The Crypt.

I also still hate the comic book industry as it stands. The fact that there are so many X-Men books that one is titled simply "X4" is too much for me.

*The "Heck System" courtesy of Checkerboard Nightmare
rustedmagick forums - The COM Port - A little part of me just died

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