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11-13-07 11:42 PM
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PLEASE READ: Forum rules (Updated 4/26/05: note about editing posts)
Welcome to The ROM Hacking Data Repository!

When posting in this forum, please follow these guidelines:

1. If you're posting hacking info for a game that's not listed, please start a new topic with the game's title and console (NES, SNES, Genesis, etc.) as the subject.

2. When adding to an existing game's info:
- If you are the author of the original post, use the Edit feature to add to the original post. (NOTE: You must be logged in to use the Edit feature!)
- If you are adding to someone else's info, please submit a reply with the new info. The author of the original post may then add the info to their original post if they wish (with proper credit given).

3. Submitting info that's already been found is fine, as long as credit is given to the original discoverer (if known).

4. Your info doesn't need to be nicely formatted or organized. Incomplete, random scribblings are to be expected. Post in any manner you wish.

5. Please keep posts on-topic.

6. NO FLAMING! If you have a problem with someone, please settle it outside the forum.

7. Smilies have been disabled for this forum, to prevent them from interfering with program code (ex: (;;) would turn into (; with smilies enabled). If you want to use one, copy the image's URL from the FAQ and put it in an <img> tag.

8. When posting code with angle brackets (ex: #include <stdio.h>), please insert a <z> tag after the first bracket. This will prevent browsers from interpreting it as an HTML tag.

9. When posting code, it is recommended that you use the <pre> tag to keep the code's original spacing and line breaks intact. (Be sure to close the tag with </pre> at the end, though!)

As long as these guidelines are followed, everything should run smoothly. Have fun!

Hey! That tickles!

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